Shoveling snow, blowing snow, and removing snow from rooftops all pose risks to your employees. To avoid injuries this winter, educate your personnel on both the dangers and effective snow removal practices.


The effects of cold weather on the body can be rather taxing. When shoveling snow, people can become exhausted, dehydrated, have back ailments, and even suffer heart attacks. Encourage employees to take regular rests in warm locations and to push rather than lift snow. Slips, trips, and falls on slippery and wet surfaces may all be avoided with the right footwear, as well as the right apparel to keep you warm in the freezing weather.


To avoid electric shock or electrocutions:

  1. Make sure all equipment is correctly grounded.
  2. Educate employees on using the snowblower safely, using Consumer Reports’ safety advice as a guide.
  3. Remember to instruct employees on correct maintenance and cleaning techniques to keep them safe.
  4. Provide refresher training each season before the onset of winter weather so that your personnel remembers the equipment and how to clean it safely.


Clearing snow from a height necessitates special caution. When clearing snow from a roof, there are additional risks; therefore, consider the following OSHA recommendations to protect your workers:

Consider what will be required to securely remove snow from rooftops and elevated surfaces before it begins to collect.

When and when practicable, use snow removal technologies that do not need personnel to climb onto roofs. This could entail applying de-icing products from ladders and using snow rakes or drag lines from the ground.

Compare the loads applied to the roof or structure (e.g., total weight of snow, personnel, and equipment) to the roof’s load limit.

Workers should be required to use fall safety equipment.

Ensure that ladders and aerial lifts are used safely.

Mark safe work zones where the snow is to be removed, wear suitable eye and head protection and remove modest amounts of snow at a time to safeguard individuals on the ground throughout the snow removal operation.

This winter, keep your employees safe by teaching them about the dangers of snow removal and teaching them safe practices.

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