10 Creative Snow Play Ideas for Outside

These enjoyable snow activities will be handy for outdoor play as winter approaches. Which snowy activities are you most excited to try?

There will eventually be snow, whether we like it or not. We are in Iowa, so it is inevitable, at least for those of us in the north.

With young children, going outside in the cold often seems challenging. Even though we have a newborn this year, the older boys still can’t wait to get out and play in the snow!

This winter, I’ve compiled a list of 10 enjoyable outdoor snow activities I want to do with the kids. I suppose this is our winter/snow bucket list.

Put on warm clothing and head outside to enjoy the snow!

10 Outdoor Snow Activities That Are Fun!

  • Ride a sled! Get a sled or construct one from cardboard, then start moving!
  • Create a snowman. Any size ball can be rolled. Assemble a snowman in a group. Find some rocks to use as eyes, twigs for arms, and warm clothing to wrap him in!
  • Play snowball toss! Tutor the kids in snowball construction. Play a game of target practice using snowballs. Allow the kids to practice their throwing by setting up a target!
  • Construct a snow fort. Stack the walls together to create a secure hiding area! The boys use a brick mold maker we got on Amazon for playing in the sandbox and for snow!
  • Allow the youngsters to assist you while sanding the driveway or sidewalk. Or allow them to create their paths. Possibly a snow maze.
  • Make footsteps in the snow by stomping!
  • Search for animal prints rather than making your own! Do you have any proof of rabbits? Squirrels? Deer? Learn about what is in your backyard! Not sure Take images of the animal footprints so you can later compare them.
  • Play in the chilly snow outside while being inventive! Decorate the snow! Make it vibrant!
  • Go out and make snow angels with your friends after a new snowfall. Play along and create a large family of snow angels!
  • And this one, “Load, Dump, Scoop, Pour,” is sure to be a success with my guys. Do it in the blizzard!

Wear warm clothing and take measures when venturing outside in the cold.

And when you enter, be ready to warm them up!

Prepare a cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows for them when they arrive.

Kids’ Winter Crafts & Activities

We have a tonne of fun indoor and outdoor winter activities for kids.

Snow, the holidays, and other winter-themed events.

Great indoor activities are also available when it’s too cold to venture outside.

There are also ways to enjoy the snow outside!

We’ve put together an easy and enjoyable winter week of activities to enjoy some seasonal fun this winter.

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